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two pictures of the same thing with different colors and shapes on them, one has a face
Bouncy Ball Stamped Pufferfish Kids Craft
Bouncy Ball Stamped Pufferfish Kids Ocean Craft - Crafty Morning
plastic cups filled with different types of food on top of a blue table covered in candy
Cute idea!!! Blue jello & gummy fishes. Cute for Nemo movie/party or Ariel movie/party
the wall is covered with glass bubbles
Bubble Wall out of plastic bottle bottoms!
an arrangement of sea shells on a dining room table with flowers and seashells
CHECK///////////// With a little bit of paint these could look far more realistic! But I love the use of egg cartons!
the wall is decorated with life preservers and letters that spell out'love '
Operation Overboard...............
Some fabulous Vacation Bible School pictures from 2peasinapod blog! Some really neat, clever ideas for decorating for VBS!
a green paper flower hanging from the ceiling
My Ocean Theme Classroom
Ocean Theme: Tissue Paper turtle
watercolor and salt coral reef craft for kids
Coral Reef Watercolor Art
Ocean Animal Book Activity One Small Square: Coral Reef - Watercolor & Salt Coral Reef via @rainydaymum
there are many different colored rocks on the table and one is in the middle of it
Science Fair Project Idea: DIY Salt Crystals
Science for Kids: Learn how to grow colorful DIY Crystal Landscapes using salt and bluing! Great science fair project.
three colorful jellyfish hanging from hooks on a wall
Fish Crafts for Kids 2022
Fish Crafts for Kids - Sponge Kids