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Easy Planting Hack!
Feed your Garden with Rooted Leaf Agritech plant nutrients visit Awesome video and content created by @Hobbyhandwerk
How to Correctly Harvest Basil!
Feed your garden Rooted Leaf Carbon Based Nutrients. Video created by @naturethecure #basil #herbs #plants #plantsofinstagram #planting #gardeningtips #plantingtips
5 Reasons Why You Should Soak Your Garden Seeds Before Planting (plus a few how tos)
Vegetable Gardening at home
Parsley and Coriander
Tip on how to plant parsley and coriander in bottle without needing soil
How to grow watermelons in a pot!
Gardening hacks 👩‍🌾gardening tips 🪴
Gardening hacks 👩‍🌾gardening tips 🪴 Green onions grown in plastic bottles #Gardening #garden #gardeningtips #greenonion Credit to @funnymade3 on tiktok
Cheap and Easy Tomato Trellis DIY
A trellis is simply a structure that supports a fruiting or flowering plant while it grows. Using a trellis can ensure that your crops off the ground to keep pests at bay, prevents fruit from rotting or breaking off, and increases your usable garden space. This method for trellising tomatoes is inexpensive and easy, requiring only a few simple tools that you probably already have lying around your garden. See the description for more details and be sure to save this for your next growing season!