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Use this Preschool Sunday School Lesson: Making Good Choices to help kids understand how God wants us to make wise choices.
In this sciency-fun devotion, kids will learn about God’s blessings. Plus, included is a blessing for teachers to pray over the children as they begin summer vacation.
In this lesson, kids experience conditional and unconditional love as they discover God’s love for us.

Sunday School Lessons

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In this children’s message, kids experience a weight being lifted as they discover the power of choosing to forgive.
In this Palm Sunday devotion, children will offer worship to the greatest celebrity of all—Jesus.
6-Minute Messages For Children! 52 Children's Devotions for ANY Occasion

Children's Messages for Church

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Teach children that Jesus takes care of us with this free Sunday school lesson!
Help preschoolers learn that Jesus can do anything with this free Sunday school lesson!
Moo, Meow, Oink

Children's Church Lessons

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Fun! Gotta try these with preteens in #kidmin
This would be a great tool for preteen discussion starters!
3 Easy and Fun Bible Memory Activities!

Preteen Lessons for Sunday School

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Jesus walks on water Sunday school lesson. Blue jello with a teddy graham as Jesus. "Glue" teddy graham to pretzel stick with almond bark or frosting. I am so using this one.
Help children recognize the healing power of forgiveness.
Preschool Lesson: Noah’s Ark

Preschool Ideas for Children's Ministry

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In this quick, no-supply activity, kids consider how God hears our prayers as they play a game based on timing.
In this last-minute activity, kids race across the room wearing imaginary armor as they explore being strong in God.
When you have extra time to spare, consider using this simple team activity where kids discover the importance of getting along with others.

Sunday School Activities

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Free Download: Help Kids Fight Their Fears
Bubbles are a great sensory activity, plus an excellent way to teach about shapes and spatial relationships. Learn how to make amazingly huge bubbles at home!
Red Sea - Crossing the sea on dry ground. Children take turns being Moses and rest of class follows through the "sea". All young classes.

Sunday School for Elementary

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Use these wet-and-wild activities to help kids have fun and refresh their faith.
In this no-prep, no-supply game, kids play a version of Charades as they explore the power of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
In this children’s ministry game, kids discover Jesus is the light of the world as they explore the importance of light.


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Here are 10 wonder-filled, hands-on science experiments for kids — to illuminate God’s powerful presence in kids’ lives.
House on the Rock Bible Story
Kids create a starry sky while discovering that they can be a light in the world.


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