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80 burpees later.. i didn't want to go to the gym so i got my roomies to do… Gym Workouts, Fitness Workouts, Fitness, Squats, Lunges, Burpees, Gym, Crossfit, Crossfit Wods
Barehand- Build Better Grip
80 burpees later.. i didn't want to go to the gym so i got my roomies to do…
a woman doing a handstand in the middle of a crossfit exercise
3 Simple CrossFit Workouts Anyone Can Try - Running on Real Food
3 CrossFit-Style Workouts for Strength and Conditioning
an old poster with red and white lines on it's back side, showing the names
Crossfit WOD: These 20 Workouts Will Surely Quick Tone Your Body
20 Effective Crossfit Workouts To Tone Your Body
the printable workout plan for women to do at home and work out, with text overlaying it
18 Ways To Stay In Shape While In College
Learn the best ways to stay in shape while keeping up with your busy schedule!
a woman sitting on the floor doing yoga
How to Do the Splits in a Week or Less: 7 Must-Do Stretches
Butt workout
No-Squat Butt Workout – No Lunges or Squats Required
Butt workout
a woman in pink panties is looking into a mirror
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the kettlebell workout is shown with instructions
30 min Kettlebell Workout, took me way longer than that but it is awesome #fitness #kettlebell
a man doing kettlebell push ups with the caption'until you cannot finish '
Kettlebell Workouts Online | Kettlebells For Sale - Kettlebell Kings #fitness #kettlebell
Fun exercises that burn more fat than running. Try them today. #fitness #workout #health
10 Exercises That Burn More Fat Than Running - Lindsey Reviews
Fun exercises that burn more fat than running. Try them today. #fitness #workout #health
Who doesn’t want a backside that turns heads? Fitness Diet, Fitness Inspiration
Who doesn’t want a backside that turns heads?
two women doing squats with dumbbells in front of them and the words,'the easy simple way to increase your back squat fast '
Hitting a plateau on your lifts? Increase your back squat with these two simple tweaks to your training plan. Build confidence and strength starting today.
a woman doing yoga poses with the words get your on on 75 yoga poses it's
Exercise Library
75 yoga pose to take your practice to the next level! Photos + How To! #yoga #workout
a woman is doing yoga with the words free 20 minute yoga workout for beginners
20-minute yoga workout for complete beginners
If you're looking for a way to build your core body strength and posture while also reducing your stress levels, but don't know the first thing about yoga, relaxation, or meditation, this 20-minute yoga workout for beginners if a FABULOUS place to start!
an image of a woman doing yoga poses on the grass with her legs spread out
5 Minutes to a Sexier Butt
The only butt workout you'll ever need.
a woman doing squats on a bench in a gym
Instagram Fitness
Knee Squats to strengthen Hip Flexors and Glutes. I was a skeptic too until I tried it and yes, they work! The stronger your Hip Flexors, the faster you can run and the more powerful you are in many exercises.
the 30 minute killer cardio workout for women is shown in this screenshote
The 5-Minute Workout That Will Shed Your Winter Weight
an iphone screen showing the workout schedule for each person in the gym, including 30 minutes and
Total Body Home Workout - The Happy Gal
If you are looking for a High Intensity Workout to do at home this is a good one!
a woman is running on a treadmill with the words torch 500 calories on the treadmill
The 500-Calorie Treadmill Workout
My favorite treadmill workout right now! Really helps keep me from getting bored.
a poster with instructions on how to do the splits and squats in different positions
4 Steps To Get A Better Butt
Simple easy to grasp instruction
the instructions for how to use an inflatable pool
Total-Body Stability Ball Circuit Workout via Run Pretty
a woman doing yoga on an exercise ball with her arms and legs bent over her head
Define Your Waistline With This 10-Minute Pilates Series
Define Your Waistline With This 10-Minute Pilates Series: Pilates is one of the best workouts for whipping the abs into shape.
a man and woman doing exercises on exercise balls with dumbbells in different positions
Exercise Charts for Stability Ball (Balance Ball, Swiss Ball) and Bosu
Balance Ball Poster of Different Exercises on Blue Balance Ball
a woman doing an exercise on the beach
Lorna Jane Australia | Women's Activewear | Sports Bras and Leggings
The Ultimate Surfer Workout by Monica Nelson & Move Nourish Believe
a woman doing yoga poses on a mat with the caption build strength and flexibility yoga sequence for runners
Yoga Sequence For Runners
This 10-posture yoga sequence is tailor-made for building stronger legs to punch up steep hills, endure long runs, and to do so with optimum speed.
an iphone screen showing the schedule for lunch time to be taken on monday, march and friday
Daily Workout Plan workout
a pink poster with the words jumpin jacks on it
A nice, small, but challenging little workout for those times when you have extra energy and want to work some muscles
the poster shows how to do an exercise
20-Minute, No-Running Cardio Blast
20-minute cardio workout you can do at home.
a woman is doing push ups on a green mat in the middle of a room
The Lazy Girl's Guide to Getting Strong
Lazy night workout for when you're exhausted but still want to fit in a bit of a core workout (even while watching TV!)
the 20 - minute living room workout is shown in blue and has instructions for how to do
Exercise update: starting is the hardest part
This was my first post-pregnancy work out. Click over for more fitness inspiration and healthy recipes!