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a group of people standing on top of a field next to a yellow sign that says los calienteros pie
Los Guerreros PTE
Vida, Franco, Lindo, Toto, Ccc, Central, Random
fireworks are lit up in the air at a soccer game
the letters pa are lit up in blue and yellow
an image of a soccer field with fans in the bleachers behind it that says central campeon
a yellow sign on the ground in front of a door that says te elimine de taco y sali campeon
a soccer stadium full of fans at night
Rosario Central
confetti and streamers are being thrown from the stands at a soccer game
..::G e n i t o::..
fans hold up a banner in the stands during a basketball game against school sports team
fireworks are lit up in the sky above a soccer field as spectators watch from the stands
a yellow sign that says de arroyottoo venco on the side of a building
¡Ay que pedo tengo!
Rosario Central
Rosario Central
a man with a red turban sitting next to a wall holding a cat
Cerca de la frontera de Pakistán, el encantador usa la gloriosa auriazul