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a woman holding up a stack of books with the caption child i can't do it parent read them these books to model perseverance
The Kid Lit Mama on Instagram: "Has your little one developed their “bounce back superpowers” yet? Are they able to “shake it off” and “stick with it” when faced with obstacles? These books will model and inspire perseverance and resilience, helping little ones “touch the sky!” ‼️Comment LINK for a shoppable book list sent to your DMs.‼️ Thank you to the publishers who gifted us review copies of these great titles to inspire growth mindset! I’m tagging them here! 🏷️ 💬TELL ME: How do you help your kids move from “I can’t do it” to “I can’t do it yet”? 👇 #growthmindset #socialemotionallearning #parenting #raisingkids"
the phone every parent needs for their child
If you want one device that is a first phone and can be used all the way through high school -> this is it. No social media, no web browser. Distraction free. Here are some things that make the @thepinwheelphone stand out: ⚪️ 100s of apps vetted by a therapist council that the parent can choose to download to the phone ⚪️ GPS tracker ⚪️parental control of contacts (texts, calls, pictures, etc) ⚪️ add to your existing plan with any major carrier
When Your Child Lies To You
Your son insists “I didn’t knock down my sister’s tower!”... and yet you saw this happen. Your daughter screams “It was my brother who took that cookie, NOT ME” as you see the chocolate on her face. Let’s fast forward. Your teenager insists she didn’t use her phone after hours after you saw the usage data. Your son says he finished his homework and you know that he didn’t even start his essay. What’s going on here? And what’s a parent to do? Find out here.
things to say instead of yelling
This week we're talking about small but powerful parenting strategies to celebrate the AUDIO COURSE sale that starts on Monday 11/20! And here’s a quick tip: 1. Don’t sweat the little things (or they will become big). 2. And practice. Expect a learning curve. You’re doing great.
Building Circuitry for Content and Saying No
When my son is 18 and his friends are pressuring him to do something after he already said no, I want him to be able to say, "I said no. Stop pressuring me." When my daughter is 21 and someone she likes says to her, "Come on, come home with me, don’t think so much about it,” I hope she’s able to say “I told you no. I don't want to.” Our kids will all be in situations where someone is trying to convince them out of their instincts, to get them to cooperate through inducing self-doubt. I hope that my children will have powerful circuits in their bodies that say, "I am the only one who knows how I feel. I trust the information my body gives me, even when it's inconvenient for others." I hope they have little reinforcement of a circuit that says, "I cannot trust my own feelings and want
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