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an art project with leaves and swirls on paper
Artwork by cristhyna1
Fall leaves drawing using the element of art called repetition. #art
four different colored bubbles on black paper with purple and blue background, one is in the middle
Floating on to ___ grade!! End of the year project!
Bubbles: 1. First students traced as many different circle shaped objects I could fine!! 2 They added at least two shineys to each bubble 3 Then colored the bubbles using oil pastels, and making sure to leave at least part of the bubble black to make it look transparent
the stained glass kite is being held up
Colorful Stained Glass Kites Window Display - Make and Takes
Tissue paper stained glass kites for kids; Benjamin Franklin unit
Gameplan for a week of eating non-processed foods. Healthy Eating Posters, Healthy And Unhealthy Food, Children Health, Nutrition Classes, Nutrition Activities, Health Fair, Nutrition Sportive, Food Activities, Healthy Eating For Kids
Un-Processed Challenge
Gameplan for a week of eating non-processed foods.
a paper plate with candy on it next to a drawing of a mouth and tongue
Tongue Art | Activity |
We could team up with our health teachers to do a project about eating healthy. Maybe team up with food revolution too!!!! what do you think lindsey?
a coloring page with the words eat a rainbow on it and fruits and vegetables below
mindfulness – OMazing Kids AAC Consulting
eat the rainbow coloring page
a red wall covered in lots of paper monsters
Web Page Under Construction
great way to recycle your empty tissue boxes