Friesian Horses

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a black horse running across a dirt field
a large black horse standing next to a fence
a black horse standing on its hind legs
Oh. My.
three different pictures of horses running in a field with grass and trees behind them, one is black the other is brown
Black Friesian
a black horse standing in tall grass next to trees
The Forest Boyz
(equine) Beautiful Friesian Stallion
a black horse standing on its hind legs in the water
friesian horse - Google Search
a woman sitting on top of a black horse
Just stunning!
a black horse with a hood on it's head and legs running in the grass
a girl riding on the back of a black horse in water with trees behind her
Happiness is a Girl that knows how to handle a Beautiful Horse..<3 <3
a woman sitting on the beach next to a black horse with long blonde hair and her eyes closed
The wonderful love of a horse! Romantic day at the beach topped with a horse hug!