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a group of people sitting around a table under a tree with lights strung from it
kate edman
this would be so awesome to do with some friends. <3
an open metal bin filled with onions and other vegetables next to a wooden counter top
Real Simple: Home Decor Ideas, Recipes, DIY & Beauty Tips
Ventilated drawer to store non-refrigerated foods (tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, onions)
a small cabin sitting on top of a lush green hillside next to a lake with mountains in the background
( upclosefromafar: “banshy: “Saksun // Jeff Spackman ” ~Nature n stuff~ ”
a wooden carving of a lion on display
Wood Sculpture by Chainsaw Artist Jurgen Lingl Rebetez
a white cat is walking in front of a fire place with logs on the shelves
15 Fabulous Firewood Rack & Storage Ideas!
15 firewood storage and creative firewood rack ideas for indoors and outdoors. Lots of great building tutorials and DIY-friendly inspirations! - A Piece Of Rainbow
some kind of house made out of wood
teds-woodworking.... The wife will love this when I make it myself
some shelves are hanging from the wall with lights on them and pictures in front of them
Hängeregale aus Eichenholz Hängeregale Hängeregale aus Eichenholz Maßgefertigt. -
Hängenden Regale-Etageren suspendues von Lyonbrocante auf Etsy
a room filled with lots of plants and lights on the windows sill next to a door
Start A Fire
Pallet planters are not that difficult to build. Place vertical beams of pallet on the brick wall for support then fix four by one pallet cases or pallet planter on them. Use lights to decorate them and also hang cages to make the look complete. Fresh plants coming out of these pallets look amazing.