Clare O'Connor Luxury Silk & Cashmere blend Scarves

In 2018 I launched my Luxury Brand of wearable art, with a first collection of Silk and Cashmere scarves in vibrant colour ways. All of my scarves are made in…
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I’m so thrilled to be now stocked in Design Ireland in Dublin Airport
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100% Organic Bamboo Cushion Blue Pair | Luxury Irish Design
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Luxury Irish Silk Scarves
CLARE OCONNOR Luxury Irish Design, Luxury Silk Scarves, Bespoke packaging, Gift Ideas
Luxury bespoke packaging, Twilly scarves, brand identity Twilly Scarf, Twilly
Clare OConnor Luxury Irish Design
Luxury bespoke packaging, Twilly scarves, brand identity
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100% Silk Crepe de Chine Scarves
Artist designed large luxury silk scarves, rolled edge finish with a dimension of 70x200. The oblong shape instead of the usual square makes them easy to wear, modern & practical. They are bright, colourful & eye-catching. My scarves are timeless statement pieces in line with sustainable fashion, they are season-less and collectable editions of my art practice.
a blue scarf on a mannequin head with an orange and red flower design
Modal/Silk Luxurious Soft COCMS06 | Luxury Irish Design
Luxury Living
100% Silk Scarf COCSILKLG17 | Luxury Irish Design
a multicolored pillow with an abstract design on the front and back, featuring two people
100% Organic Bamboo Cushion 4 | Luxury Irish Design
Art Bags, Bamboo Art, Art Bag, Vibrant Art
100% Organic Bamboo Art Bag 7 | Luxury Irish Design
a multicolored scarf on a mannequin head
Modal/Silk Luxurious Soft COCMS08 | Luxury Irish Design
Sherlock Holmes, Silk Scarf
70% Wool 30% Silk Scarf 2 | Luxury Irish Design
a green, red and black scarf on a mannequin head
90% Modal/10%Cashmere 140x140cm 1 | Luxury Irish Design