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an action figure is posed on a plastic stand
[Kimetsu no Yaiba] The figure of Giyu Tomioka moves! Impressed!
an anime figurine with blonde hair wearing a blue and yellow outfit holding a cell phone
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a close up of a figurine on a table with an object in the background
Explore the Ultimate Anime & Manga Shop | Crunchyroll Store
an anime character with blue eyes and long black hair holding a small toy in her hand
Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai
an action figure is posed in front of a volleyball net with his arms outstretched and eyes closed
Haikyuu!!: Shouyou Hinata Nendoroid (Good Smile Company) Figure Review - Cooterie
two anime figurines sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other
Haikyu Anime Figures Hinata Shoyo
two anime figurines sitting on top of a computer keyboard next to each other
Preview de las Nendoroids de Makomo y Sabito de Kimetsu no Yaiba por Good Smile Company
De la popular serie de anime Kimetsu no Yaiba, Kahotan comparte las primeras imágenes del prototipo final de las figuras que Good Smile Company les dedica a Makomo y Sabito y que nos ofrece dentro de su conocida línea Nendoroid. Figuras disponibles para reservar por separado a partir del 18 de febrero de 2021 de forma exclusiva a través de GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP.
Anime Art, Fan Art, Tiramisu
Kamen Rider, Jujutsu, One Piece
Une nouvelle Nendoroid pour Tanjirô Kamado, 01 Décembre 2020