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a bowl full of cheez it's copycat recipe with text overlay
Sourdough Cheez-Its (copycat recipe)
Transform your sourdough discard into irresistible Sourdough Cheez-Its! This easy homemade recipe requires just 5 ingredients, including tangy sourdough starter and sharp cheddar cheese. Get the best Cheez-Its copycat experience in no time with this quick, same-day recipe. Perfect for satisfying cravings and reducing food waste.
1h 5m
the best chocolate chip cookies are made with only 3 ingredients and they're so good to eat
The BEST Sourdough Chocolate Chip Cookies - Made in Motherhood
2h 25m
homemade strawberry sourdough pop tarts with white glaze on top and drizzled in icing
Homemade Strawberry Sourdough Poptarts
savory and sweet sourdough hawaiian rolls in a casserole dish
Sourdough Hawaiian Rolls
some cookies that are sitting on a cooling rack with frosting and leaves around them
Sourdough Discard maple pecan cookies
easy sourdough disard tortillas on a white plate
Easy Sourdough Discard Tortillas
Upgrade your taco game with these Sourdough Discard Tortillas! Soft, fluffy, and bursting with flavor, these tortillas are made with only 5 ingredients, including butter for that extra oomph! No kneading required and ready in just over an hour, they're perfect for make-ahead meal planning. #tacotuesday #homemadetortillas #sourdough
some cookies with marshmallows and brown butter
Sourdough S'mores Cookies with Marshmallows and Brown Butter
S'mores are a beloved campfire treat, but have you ever considered combining these gooey, chocolatey delights with cookies? Sourdough S'mores Cookies with Marshmallows and Brown Butter offer a delightful twist on the classic campfire snack. #sourdough #smores #cookies #marshmallows
2h 25m
the words easy sourdough pasta on top of it
Easy Homemade Sourdough Pasta Using Starter or Discard
chocolate cinnamon rolls being drizzled with melted chocolate on top and the words southern chocolate cinnamon rolls above it
Sourdough Chocolate Rolls - Made in Motherhood
tortillas are stacked on top of each other with text overlay that reads the best gourmet tortillas
Sourdough Tortillas
chocolate chip cookies are stacked on top of each other with the words sourdough chocolate chip
Sourdough Chocolate Chip Cookies
how to make beeswax food wraps
How to Make Beeswax Food Wraps
there is a pie crust in a glass jar
Flaky Sourdough Pie Crust - Simple Discard Recipe
a loaf of sourdough lemon cake on top of a cutting board with the words easy
Glazed Sourdough Lemon Cake
1h 10m