Front Door Inspiration

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a green door and window in front of a brick building with flowers on the outside
Sweet Caper by Colourtrend - Crafting paint in Ireland since 1953 - Colourtrend Paints
Add a pop of warmth to your home with this deep green beauty! Sweet Caper is the perfect choice for a cosy entrance and a perfect complement to natural stone and brickwork.
a blue front door with white picket fence and flowers in the window box above it
Colour: Skipper
From our Weather Collection, Skipper works in harmony with the Irish landscape. Mirroring the deep and fruitful sea, the tempered blue sky above.
a blue front door with gold hardware and glass
Colour: Peacock Blue
Elevate your front door with this warm dark blue. It's hint of magenta undertone complement other blues and deeper neutral whites beautifully.
a grey door with two brass handles on it
Colour: Little Egret
Specifically chosen for our Weather Collection. Little Egret represents the grey waters of our coastal estuaries and rocky shoreline #frontdoor
two potted plants next to a black door
Colour: Four Arches
Four Arches is the darkest green in our Contemporary Collection. Distinct and concentrated in colour, it is an essential addition to a contemporary scheme.
a blue front door with two gold knobs
Colourtrend on Instagram: “Colour (Front Door): Petrol, a dynamic teal from the Contemporary Collection. This charming jewel tone is the perfect shade to add…”
a green door surrounded by potted plants and flowers
Colourtrend on Instagram: “Colour: Sweet Caper, from our Contemporary Collection. A warm green with a slight marigold undertone. Enhance your exterior spaces with…”
the front door of a house with two planters on each side and a lamp above it
Colour: Raglan Road
The right exterior colour scheme will bring you joy every time you return home. Raglan Road is a rich earthy purple tone. Complemented by Portland Dock, a soft grey on the walls.
two potted plants sit in front of a gray door with glass panes on either side
Colour: Valkriss
Specifically selected as part of our Weather Collection. This cool and neutral brown represents the earth’s pigments, blending beautifully into any landscape.
two potted plants sitting in front of a blue door with a wreath on it
Colourtrend on Instagram: “Pantry Blue is the perfect colour to complement all of the festive Easter trimmings. Pantry Blue, from our Historic collection, is a cool…”
the front door is made of stone and has two planters on each side,
Colourtrend on Instagram: “Four Arches is a deep shade of green from our Contemporary Collection. Traditionally, a green door symbolises prosperity and wealth, but…”
a door with a wreath and flowers on it
Colourtrend on Instagram: “Welcome colour into your home with a brightly painted front door. Gris Verte is a playful green with a grey undertone that works perfectly…”
two potted flowers sit outside the front door of a brick building with blue doors
Colourtrend on Instagram: “The colour you paint your front door gives the outside world a clue of the personality of those who live inside. Templar Grey, from our…”
two potted plants in front of a green door
Colour: Curragh Green
Make your front door stand out with Curragh Green. A rich and profound deep green from our Weather Collection.
a large brick house with white trim and windows
Colourtrend on Instagram: “Contrast the brickwork on your home with a cool neutral like #IvoryTusk. This stone toned off-white complements the surroundings of this…”