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a black and white drawing with the words you can't buy happiness but you can buy tea and that's kind of the same thing
HAPPINESS or TEA - totally the same thing, here in Connemara (we do coffee too, though!)
a pink and white painting with the words creativity is contagious pass it on
Albert Einstein on creativity
the words free your mind written in white on a colorful floral background with pink and yellow flowers
Napster: Rapper's Ball
free your mind
a person standing on top of a cliff with a quote above it that reads, don't it funny how day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different
"everything is different" ~ C.S. Lewis
a sign that says trying times are times for trying
keep it up!
palm trees with the sun in the background and an inspirational quote written on it that says, do not what makes your soul shine
do what makes your soul shine
a quote on the beach saying i am grateful for the difficult people in my life they have shown me exactly who i don't want to be
This is true and worth remember when we encounter these people so we can deal more effectively with them.
a quote with the words tough times don't last, tough people do on it
This is true, hang in there and things will change.
Growth can be painful Wisdom Quotes, Pain Quotes, Good Life Quotes
Growth can be painful
a wooden bridge with a quote about running away from any problem only increase the distance from the solution
Face your fears and overcome them
a person standing on top of a mountain with the words, the distance between your dreams and reality is called action
Actions speak louder than words.