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an animal footprints on the ground with caption about it's origin in france
Oldest evidence of human/canine relationship
an image of the ocean floor in black sea have found over 40 ships, some from as far back as the 19th century, are so well preserved they can still see
9th Century Ships In The Black Sea
an animal that is laying down on the ground with caption about it's birth
a rock that has some kind of animal tracks on it with the caption's description below
Forezen in time: 8 most well-preserved fossils ever discovered
two men kneeling down next to a large black object with egyptian writing on it's side
Mapped for the first time, the real-life Atlantis: 3D map shows how Egyptian trade centre buried for 1,200 years would have looked
a man in blue shirt and hat sitting next to an animal skull on the ground
Egyptian Archaeologists Rewrite History With the Discovery of a Tomb of a Previously Unknown Queen | Artnet News
two different views of a human skeleton and an image of a skull in the same photo
Researchers conduct ‘virtual autopsy’ of a mummified 17th century child
the diagram shows how jesus is nailed to the cross
The Agony of Love | Koinonia House
a sculpture of a man's head is submerged in the water near a lake
Jordan River Has Finally Dried Up and Now This Has Emerged
Jordan River Has Finally Dried Up and Now This Has Emerged
Deep-Sea Dinosaur Fossil Buries Evolution
a coin sitting on the ground next to some grass and dirt with weeds growing around it
How jobless treasure hunter unearthed greatest ever haul of Saxon artefacts with £2.50 metal detector
photo of a cloissone object - Staffordshire hoard
an ancient vase with a skeleton in it on the ground next to rocks and dirt
Ancient DNA Sheds New Light on the Biblical Philistines