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a black and white poster with an image of a man doing squats
Pin by Becca McCarthy on Rutinas de entrenamiento | Crossfit workouts wod, Crossfit workouts at home
a white board with some writing on it
the cross - style wodstoad to your training dvd is available for purchase
I did these types of CrossFit-style workouts on my own for many years, often visiting the CrossFit main site for WOD ideas. I now train at a CrossFit gym but you can still get the benefits of high-intensity conditioning workouts while training on your own.
a flyer for a women's strength and conditioning class with the words, tuesday workout torture by 10 '
the instagram page for wednesday shows an image of a man squatting on his knees
a woman in black and white with the text wednesday night at the bar rounds for time 10
a man is doing exercises for his arms and chest
5 ways to make your morning workout - FitBits
5 ways to make your morning workout - FitBits
WOD | workout of the day | crossfit workout Crossfit Workouts At The Gym, Crossfit Body, Hitt Workout