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an open refrigerator filled with lots of ice and water bottles next to a white bowl
the tweet is being used to describe what it's like for someone
Person Doesn’t Want Neighbor Sitting In Their Garden, The Internet Has Thoughts
Don't Throw Out Your Squeezed Lemons - William Sonoma Simmer Pot | Empowering Sustainability
TikTok: @plantyou
there is a large jar that has some writing on the lid and it's labeled
Homemade laundry soap. For the Zote soap you will need to use a cheese grater to shred it or food processor. Mix everything together. You can use downy unstoppables or any other brand. That was just my favorite. It makes a lot and you don't need to use much. About $20 for everything. Got the large jar at Walmart for $10. And paint markers were $1.35 each.
Laundry Hack
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DIY Laundry Detergent | Fels-Naptha, Baking Soda
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an advertisement for rosemary sage and lavender room spray on a white shelf next to a glass vase
several pictures of different types of drainage pipes in the ground and water running through them
How to Install Drainage Outside House with DIY French Drain and Underground Downspout Pipe Ideas
DIY drainage installation pictures for water outside a home. Exterior foundation french drain system and underground downspout drainage ideas. How to install a french drain stone landscape bed around a house and burying gutter downspout drain pipe. Basement waterproofing in Schenectady, Albany, Colonie, Niskayuna, Latham, Rotterdam, Rexford, Scotia, Glenville, Loudonville, Guilderland, Altamont, Slingerlands, Bethlehem, Delmar, Glenmont, Clifton Park, Halfmoon, Mechanicville, Ballston Lake, NY
Laundry stripping 101
Difficulty: Easy What You’ll Need: • 2 parts laundry powder • 1 part washing soda • 1 part borax (skip this step if you don’t use borax) Fill the bath tub (or your laundry drum) of hot water, add 2 parts powered detergent, to 1 part of washing soda and 1 part of borax* (if you don’t like using borax just leave this ingredient out or try replacing the borax and washing soda with oxy clean.) Mix it up (using an old stirrer). Add clothes (check laundry care labels to make sure they are safe for hot water. Strip light and dark items separately.) Allow clothes to sit for up 5 hours mixing occasionally during that time. Then drain the water and wash the clothing in your washing machine with NO SOAP, dry as normal.
Help In Saving A Life | Useful life hacks, Survival skills life hacks, Car life hacks Survival Skills, Emergency Preparedness, Survival Life Hacks, Useful Life, Survival Life, Helpful Hints
Help In Saving A Life | Useful life hacks, Survival skills life hacks, Car life hacks