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a card with many different types of stickers on the front and back of it
I purchased these for a scrapbook I made my husband for our 1st Anniversary. Great quality! I particularly love the can't take my eyes off of you and you and me because it reminds me of our song you and me by Lifehouse!
a blue and pink mop sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a credit card
a bunch of different types of paper on a white background with the words london written in it
Scrapbook Customs Themed Paper Stickers Scrapbook Kit
paper house christmas stickers with bows, presents and gifts on the front of it
Super cute Christmas stickers. I really like them and would order them again. Good adhesion to card stock. Perfect for card making and embellishing. Not too puffy
colorful lace trims are lined up on a black surface with flowers in the background
I acutely ordered these to use in multiple purposes, but mostly for my essential oil bottle and gift decorations. I was looking for something that reminded me of lace without having to deal with all the fuss trying to adhere to whatever contsiner, container, or bottle. This are very versatile and can be used for numerous occasions.
a bunch of stickers that are on top of a paper sheet with the words sister forever
Great package. Enjoyed everything about it. Easy to work with and comes with lots of stickers.
christmas stickers with santa claus and other decorations
I ordered the 3 sheets of Hello Kitty stickers as a gift for my friend. After I bought them, there was no tracking information so I was worried(it didn't even tell me who the carrier was). But I should have just trusted Stickers Forever! The stickers were expected to come between a range of a couple days and they came on the first one. Not to mention for how inexpensive they are, they look fantastic.10/10 would buy again!
a mickey mouse is standing next to a tree and other items that include a bird
Perfect sticker to use in my Disney scrapbook of the Animal Kingdom!
the christmas sticker sheet is shown in red, white and blue
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an old english alphabet is shown in black and white
These letters are about 1/2 inch tall. They worked great on the craft project I'm working on.
the letters and numbers are cut out to look like they have different shapes on them
Look at this! Karen Foster Design Scrapbooking Cardstock Stickers
the golf sticker sheet is shown in green and white with an image of a man playing
Try This! Golf Golfing Golfer Sport 1 Scrapbooking Crafting Stickers
a hand holding four different stickers in front of a window
These are great. I put them on letters. They're not so thick or stiff that they cause mailing issues on regular letters, and they're also suitably sticky to stay on the paper while also not so sticky that they can't be adjusted if you need to move them. They're also super cute and there's a great variety, especially of different animals and facial expressions. They're like emoticons for snail mail!