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Star fruit


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Kawaii Dragon
Handmade Polymer Clay Dragon Babies In All Varieties of Adorableness.


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Qué frío !!


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WIP fennec fox by LisaToms.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt
CASUS-K (авторские игрушки Екатерины Гурской)
Absolutely L-O-V-E making the miniature animals ♡♡♡


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Litmade. Авторские куклы.
Фигурки зверят


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Фигурки зверят
Tutorial - creating a doll. Jhoue by Flicker-Dolls.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt


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Polymer clay fairy house


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Painting giraffe spots. #acrylics #painting #giraffe #pink #dragonsandbeasties #video
New guys are comming
CASUS-K (авторские игрушки Екатерины Гурской)


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How to sculpt paws by *LimitlessEndeavours on deviantART

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Harry Potter Dobby House Elf Cake Topper Tutorial
Maquette Work in Progress by ~firecrow78 on deviantART
Cuteeeeeeee #kawaii #clay | :-: KAWAII :-: | Pinterest


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a small toy dragon sitting on top of a table
Bitty Bitey Ones
Handmade Polymer Clay Dragon Babies In All Varieties of Adorableness.
a purple and blue toy sitting on top of a white table next to a wall
Baby blue
a hand holding a bunch of small toy animals
Star fruit
four pictures of a purple and blue dragon figurine with pearls on it's head
Baby Blue by BittyBiteyOnes on DeviantArt
Baby Blue by BittyBiteyOnes.deviantart.com on @deviantART
three little green frog figurines sitting on a plate
polymer clay
there are two small blue and white figurines in the hand
Why so fancy Baby Seal?✨
small toy animals are lined up in a row
Miniatura animale carina al cubo figura di argilla del | Etsy Italia
Cute cubed animal miniature Polymer Clay Figure, Cute cubed animal charm, cubed animal
five little bears are sitting in the palm of someone's hand and one is wearing a necklace
there are many small green animals in the palm
Only two more days to enter the #doodlesaur2017 giveaway! Win a custom dino of your own and an enamel pin! Checkout the giveaway post for details there are some really adorable entries so far ❤️ #rainbow #dinosaur #doodlethedinosaur #doodle #doodlesaur #polymerclay #polymerclaycharms #polymerclaycreations #kawaii #chibi #nerdy #cute #handmade #crafty #etsy #premo #sculpey #fimo
there are many small toy animals in the hand
Cute clay dinos