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watercolor painting of an old building in the city
Paul Dmoch (Warsaw, 1958)
Paul Dmoch (Warsaw, 1958): soyka62 — LiveJournal
a painting of boats in the water at sunset
Charlestown Harbour at golden hour | Scotland | Abstract | Painting | Art Print | 306133_3
Bathed in the captivating glow of the setting sun, this mesmerising print captures the serene beauty of Charlestown Harbour during golden hour, rendered through a harmonious blend of abstract forms and a warm, amber-infused palette. The artwork transports viewers to the Scottish coast, where the languid sea reflects the vibrant hues of twilight, and silhouetted vessels hint at the tranquillity of seafaring life. This print features an admirably abstract interpretation of light and texture, w...
a watercolor painting of a dirt road in the jungle with mountains in the background
Watercolor Around the World - American Watercolor
Watercolor Around the World - American Watercolor
a painting of people sitting at tables in a restaurant with wine bottles on the table
Landscape Painting and more - amalgism78@gmail.com - Gmail
a watercolor painting of a woman's face
Portrait, Arash Radkia
Portrait, Arash Radkia on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/BV3em
a painting of trees and water in the background
Cindy Baron
Cindy Baron, I throw paint on paper and work with shapes. This was drawn in then I worked with the way the paint mingles with each other. This is how I mix color with a limited palette. 19x10