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an image of a man on a surfboard in a frame with water dripping from it
three different pictures with the words thrift store painting turned word wall art
Thrift Store Painting Turned Wall Word Art
many pictures are arranged on the floor with one white flower in the middle and two black birds flying overhead
{DIY Urban Outfitters Wall Art}
two pictures with the words diy urban outfitters wall art
{FAQ for DIY Urban Outfitters Art}
several pictures of different types of animals and people making art with sticky notes on the wall
20 Quick 5 Minute Painting Projects For 2018 - Bored Art
several stacks of magazines stacked on top of each other
39 Simple And Spectacular DIY Wall Art Projects That Will Beautify Your Home
a person holding a wooden spoon in a blue container filled with ice and cinnamon sticks
How To Clean & Disinfect Driftwood for Crafting - A Pretty Fix
While this method of cleaning and disinfecting driftwood is easy, it does take time. A little patience definitely goes a long way! BONUS TIP: If you find that some of your driftwood continues to leach a reddish colour – i.e., the ‘tannins’ – you may want to try the following. Using sandpaper, remove the tannins that have leached out and stuck to the surface of the driftwood, as I did to this piece.
a wreath made out of branches on top of a white wooden floor with no one around it
Karen McCartney pins Christmas | Temple & Webster