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the dashboard screen is showing data and information
Container Detail View Concept
Container Detail View Concept
two diagrams with different types of text and numbers on them, one in blue and the other in red
a diagram showing the flow of different types of pumps and their connections to each other
XOD visual programming language for microcontrollers
an image of a map with different colors and icons on it, including rain, weather, water, line graph, phone alert, and location information
Visual Programming
Visual Programming
a computer screen with text that reads easy to connect band with any other code in your project
Antares Universe (VIZIO) | Visual Scripting | Unity Asset Store
Antares Universe (VIZIO) - Asset Store
a black and white image of a computer screen with some type of information on it
An Impressive New Node-Based Particle System for Ae
Welcome to XOD, Maker!
XOD tutorial arduino visual programming IDE
a screenshot of a computer screen with lines on it
Got the opportunity to work on the user interface for a data visualization project a while back. Much focus was put into making unclear node connections obvious by implementing clear interactions w...
a diagram showing the different types of people in each region, and how they can use it
NodeBox graph visualisation for python
Journey Map | Microinteraction Exploration
Journey Map | Microinteraction Exploration by Justin Reyna
an image of a computer screen with different types of buttons and symbols on it, including the text playbook builder
Cybersecurity Workflow Editor
Cybersecurity Workflow Editor by Tristan L'Abbé | Dribbble | Dribbble
a tablet with a diagram on the screen
Losant Enterprise IoT Platform | Features & Services
realtime workflow engine service (payed)
a screenshot of a computer screen with an image of a flow diagram on it
Appmixer: Embedded iPaaS and Workflow Automation System
Appmixer: Connect your anything.