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two paper plates that are shaped like mario and luigi's eyes with the words super mario power ups on them
a bulletin board with the words level up written on it in front of a classroom desk
Level Up Board in Action!
four paintings are hanging on the wall next to a door
Nerd Alert! Fantasy Worlds Street Sign
a bulletin board with the words power up for a super year written on it in front of a classroom wall
the facebook page shows an image of a face made out of legos and blocks
there are many pictures of different objects on the wall and in the background is an image of a monster
Aylah’s Mario Party | Moments on the Blog
an empty classroom is decorated with balloons and streamers for the children's birthday party
Super Mario Room Transformation
Check out this blog post for modern and trendy ideas to throw your very own Super Mario party! Super Mario Brothers Birthday Party, Super Mario Brothers Party, Super Mario Party Food, Super Mario Brothers Birthday
Super Mario Bros Birthday Party Ideas
a paper flower in a vase with balloons and a clock on the window sill
Mario Inspired Birthday Party – 5M Creations Blog