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The Winds of Change
a collage of photoshopped people and animals
SA - J
a collage of people and animals in the shape of a letter with flowers on it
SA - H
an illustrated poster with many different types of animals and plants on it's sides
SA - G
an elephant is surrounded by many different things
SA - E
the poster is designed to look like it has many different things on top of it
SA - D
a collage of people and animals on a pink background
SA - C
an image of a poster with many different things on it's face and hands
SA - B
a collage of images with animals, plants and people in the middle of them
SA - A
the polar bear is surrounded by birds and penguins
Ice Ice baby
a woman with flowers on her head standing next to a black cat and plant life
Wild Thing
finding your inner wild child. will make your heart sing!
a painting of a child in the ocean surrounded by fish and seaweed, under water
I'll rise up in spite of the ache!
A personal piece about dealing with a difficult health problem. The feeling is often overwhelming. but I will fight against it.
a painting of two children and a dog eating cake with balloons in the sky behind them
Caitlin Truman-Baker ‘ Wolf wears Red’