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the statue is surrounded by many people and has been placed on top of another monument
The Spinning Grave at Mt. Carmel
The Spinning Grave at Mt. Carmel – Mysterious Chicago Tours
a black headstone with the image of steve irvin and his dog on it
Headstones Perth | Gravestones | Monuments | Plaques | Memorial
Steve Irwin laser etched black granite headstone designed by Forever Shining
an old table and chairs in a cemetery
This whole family was poisoned and died one evening at dinner. So this table was set up as a memorial with each family member's name in the chair they were sitting in when they ingested the poison
an old wooden cross is surrounded by boxes
Lindsey Fitzharris on Twitter
Inside the catacombs in West Norwood Cemetery, London. pic.twitter.com/r2tlXYcMkD
an old black and white photo of a woman sitting on top of a gravestone
Tomb - Andrew Nash
Jules Verne (1828 –1905) I SO need to see and photograph this grave.
a statue of a woman laying on top of a stone slab
Largest cemetery in Paris. Amother pinner wrote "Père Lachaise Cemetery, Fall 2008, this tomb is diagonally across from Oscar Wilde's tomb."
there is a statue that looks like a boy on the ground
Woman falling? fainting?
Monumental Cemetery Milan, Italy
a grave with a book on it in a garden
Book headstone
a bunch of vines that have been placed on the ground with a sign attached to it
The local legend is that Sarah was a witch and that the cage was put over her grave to stop her from rising! The grave is in the north side of the churchyard and that was traditionally the area set aside for suicides and wrongdoers. But would a witch be buried in consecrated ground?
an old statue sitting in the middle of a field with moss growing on it's sides
Unusual Tombstone
A Knight's Grave on the Isle of Sky, Scotland
an old tombstone in the middle of a grassy field
A Young Family
The large stone is a 16 year old girl. The other three are her infant brothers and sisters. Kind of an unusual stone. This is in Bennington, Vermont.
there is a rock in the grass with an image on it
Fairview Cemetery near Greensburg, Kansas. The sexton had to replace the glass after the Greensburg tornado. Local Legend has it that when the glass broke the doll WALKED OUT, wandered aimlessly for miles, BOUGHT SOUVENIRS AT BETO JUNCTION, and returned just in time for the grave repair. If you go to this grave at midnight on a full moon and say "Baby Doll" 3 times you will either be given a BETO junction souvenir, or eaten by Wild Prairie Children. BEWARE!!
an old grave in the middle of a cemetery
Gravestone of George S. Bangs located in Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago. @ the base of the large carved stone tree stump is scale model of railway mail car entering a tunnel. The railway car & tunnel entrance appear to be out of proportion w/ tree & carved foliage & plants. Bangs is credited w/ "Fast Mail" trains, they were specially designed trains consisting of only mail cars w/ expedited schedules designed to accommodate the needs of the Post Office rather than the needs of the traveling public.
an aerial view of graveyards in the fog, with caption underneath that reads underwater graveyard in wales
Underwater Grave Yard Wales
a sign that is on the side of a road with flowers growing out of it
The Grave in the Middle of a Rural Indiana Road
The Grave in the Middle of a Rural Indiana Road Amity, Indiana, the road splits around a small mound of earth located in the center of the roadway. That mound is the grave of Nancy Kerlin Barnett (1793-1831 As the 1912 historical marker at the site explains, when the county planned to run a road through the cemetery in which Barnett was laid to rest, her grandson Daniel Doty guarded the plot with a gun until the county relented and built the road around the grave.