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a man and woman wearing round sunglasses giving thumbs up in front of a blue wall
Доктор Кто - Отрывки из сериала, клипы, статьи и многое другое!
three people are dressed up and posing for the camera with their hands in the air
an image of doctor who characters
I know that the writing in the 13th's era may not be the best, but I really wanted to share the art of the person who got me into Doctor Who. Her Twitter account is @_LaraJenn
a painting of a man in a suit with scissors on his head and clouds around him
two people standing next to each other on twitter
David Tennant as the sun and John Barrowman as the moon
a painting of people walking in the rain on a city street with a blue phone booth
This Guy Continues To Paint Pop-Culture Characters Into Old Thrift-Store Paintings (New Pics)