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a woman holding up a scarf over her face in front of a book shelf filled with books
How to Knit a Sock Yarn Cowl Knitting Tutorial 100g Fingering 4ply Sock Yarn Free Pattern
several different colored yarns are sitting on a bed together, with one being used as a scarf
Easy Knitting FREE Shawl Pattern For Gradient Yarns
Garter Ridge Cowl
Garter Ridge Cowl
two pictures of a woman wearing a knitted scarf and neckwarf with the words free knitting pattern on it
Sockhead Cowl Free Knitting Pattern - Knitting Pattern
Sockhead Cowl Free Knitting Pattern - Knitting Pattern
a knitted shawl hanging on the wall with text overlay that reads, mini skein shawl a beginner knitting pattern
Mini Skein Shawl, knitting pattern — Little Things Blogged
two pictures showing how to crochet a scarf with the same pattern as it is
Valentine Love-You Cowl Free Knitting Pattern- DIY Magazine
Valentine Love-You Cowl Free Knitting Pattern
two skeins of yarn are next to a pair of scissors and knitting needles
Flat Out Fabulous Shawl – Free Knit Pattern
a knitted hat on top of a mannequin head
New Free Pattern: The Commuter Cowl
a scarf hanging on a wooden fence
Blog - My Little Chickadee
a close up of a knitted dishcloth with the text free pattern on it
9 Quick Cable Cowl Free Knitting Pattern
Quick Cable Cowl Free Knitting Pattern
a gray knitted scarf on top of a mannequin
Pattern Love: Six Cowls
a pink knitted scarf sitting on top of a wire rack
Rustic Lace Cowl
Rustic Lace Cowl My mom sent me a bunch of yarn for Christmas, and this one stood out to me mostly because it's so OPPOSITE the -45 de...
the knitting pattern for this scarf is easy to knit and looks great on someone's body
7 Easy Lace Cowl Free Knitting Pattern