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four different views of the head of a creature with glowing eyes and wings, including an eyeball
Borderlands 3 Tiny Tina Foam Wig by Labinnak [self]
Borderlands 3 Tiny Tina Foam Wig by Labinnak [self] #cosplay
a close up of an object with blue and pink lights on it's face
Jinx BOOM Grenade, ZUGZUG Studio
ArtStation - Jinx BOOM Grenade, ZUG ZUG
some sort of robot with different colors and shapes
Jinx Bomb, MKB
a small metal object sitting on top of a wooden table next to white and pink flowers
Inspired Arcane: Jinx's Grenade/ FINISHED&PAINTED/Premium Cosplay Prop /League Of Legends/ LOL
Awesome Jinx Grenade cosplay prop inspired by Arcane (Netflix anime) will complement your cosplay costume or will be nice decoration for your home! Features: - ALREADY FINISHED, POLISHED AND PAINTED Size: 15*8*12 *Doesn't need any finishing. Buy. Receive. Wear.* If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me! *IMPORTANT* International shipping on average takes 10-30 days in addition to the processing/production time. This is an average, based on your country it may be quicker or take