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Ingvard the Terrible
a painting of a man riding on the back of a bull with an arrow in his hand
They live within us, the gods of our fathers.
a painting of a man with an ax in his hand and water splashing around him
an old book cover with the words hemdali written in black and white on it
Nordic Culture - Values, Traditions, History
an image of a painting that looks like it is being attacked by two men
Superhero Author Interviews M.G. Edwards
an old poster with the words balder on it
What Norse God Or Goddess Are You
an old book with the title frigg written in black ink on parchment paper
Odin's Wife in Norse Myth
an old book with the title written on it and pictures of men in medieval costumes
Vikings t shirt history
Nordic Folklore
Some Norse Mythos for you.
an old parchment paper with the words thor on it and a drawing of a man holding a