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an outdoor fire pit made out of bricks
Raised Garden Beds - Brilliant DIY and Kits for Lovely and Protected Gardens.
Stack Pavers to make a Firepit...these are awesome DIY Garden & Yard Ideas!
an outdoor brick fire pit surrounded by bricks
How to make a pizza oven - part 2
The second layer of floor bricks
the different types of materials that are used to build an outdoor fire pit info sheet
How To Build A Pizza Stove In Your Backyard
How To Build A Pizza Stove In Your Backyard #FWx
a circular wooden bench sitting on top of a lush green field
Previous Work | Earth Wrights | Natural Play
Click on the Projects tab to see lots of interesting natural playground ideas
three different views of a park bench in the middle of two pictures, one with a tree
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Room for a small one around the chinaberry tree
a woman sitting on top of a wooden bench next to a metal container filled with grapes
Gartenbank aus Beton |
Die Kombination von unterschiedlichen Materialien liegt voll im Trend. Holz und Beton zum Beispiel! Wir haben eine Gartenbank aus Holz und Beton selbst gebaut. Statt den Beton mühevoll selbst zu gießen, haben wir Gehwegplatten genutzt. Somit geht der Bau sehr viel schneller. Das Ergebnis kann sich sehen lassen!
the steps are made out of cinder blocks
DIY concrete planter box Notice the 'quasi-natural' look of path combining manmade concrete pavers (hard, defined) with pebbles (hard, undefined), bordered by plants (soft) defining further the path
the plans for a picnic table are shown
Hippetuinen 3D Tuinontwerp en Advies
Zwevende #loungebank #DHZ
a wooden bench sitting on top of a cement block next to a garden filled with flowers
Firebox 30 - Clean, modern and simple
Firebox 30 is a minimal, square fire pit made of smooth, hand cast concrete. Available in a range of colours. Learn more about fuel types and start options.