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back to school get your classroom ready for a new school year in prek
Get Your Pre-K Classroom Ready!
Use these ideas for getting your pre-k classroom ready in preparation for going back to school. With so many things to do to get your classroom ready, these lists and free printables will make your job easier. Free printables include a dismissal chart, first-day certificates, classroom rules, and birthday crowns. Lots of great ideas are included. Check out this collection of ideas and free printables as you prepare your classroom for going back to school!
printable worksheet for early childhoods with the words and numbers on it
Free Printable Pre-K Assessment Forms
Use these free, printable assessment forms as you begin the school year in pre-k. These assessment forms can be used to record your student's progress as you work with them during learning activities or observe them through play! Assessment forms included are for the alphabet, math, scissor skills, name writing, and more. This is a great way to keep track of each child's progress! Take advantage of these free printable assessment forms!
free printable pattern block mats for kids to color and practice their math skills with
Preschool Math with Pattern Block Mats
Use these free, printable pattern block mats as a way to work on math with your preschoolers this summer. Preschoolers will love the hands-on math activities with many of their favorite animals including a dog, a cat, a horse, a butterfly, a lion, and more. Use these free printables as a fun learning math activity this summer with your preschoolers!
Hickory Dickory Dock Position Words
Discover the world of positional words with our nursery rhyme themed resource. Included are * 2 center activities, * 8 engaging worksheets, * a fun cut and paste student reader. Get your Kindergarten or PK class moving and learning with Hickory Dickory Dock!"
subtraction worksheets and activities to help students learn subtraction skills
Subtraction Worksheets and Activities
50 Low Prep and NO Prep activities and worksheets that are perfect for your kinder, prep, pre primary or foundation year students who are beginning to explore subtraction! This pack includes a variety of differentiated worksheets and activities that will provides students with a variety of fun opportunities to practise and explore subtraction and learn and master basic facts. #subtraction #subtractionactivities #kindergartensubtraction #kindergartenmath #kindergatenmathworksheets
christian preschool activities for kids with the words, names and pictures in blue on yellow background
Christian Preschool Activities Archive
This Christian preschool activities archive is a valuable resource to use this summer for Vacation Bible School, Sunday School lessons, or teaching the Bible at home to your children. Check out the collection of songs, the Bible ABC posters, Bible story re-telling sheets, and more. Find lots of ideas and printables about Bible stories and Christian themes. Use this archive of Christian preschool activities to make your Bible lessons fun & exciting!
the bible story print and fold books for preschoolers to use on their own book
Archive of Print & Fold Bible Story Books
This archive of print and fold Bible storybooks is a valuable resource for Sunday School classes, Vacation Bible Schools, and home Bible lessons. Simply print & fold it and use it as a take-home paper or as a coloring book to reinforce the Bible lesson. Stories from both the Old and New Testaments are included. Explore this archive of free printables to enhance your Bible lesson this summer!
the dinosaur pasta skeletons are fun activities for kids
Dinosaur Pasta Skeleton Activities
These dinosaur pasta skeleton activities are a fun, hands-on activity to do with your preschoolers this summer. These two activities, with a free printable included, will delight and engage your preschoolers as they learn about the wonderful world of dinosaurs. These activities will have them making dinosaur skeletons using a variety of pasta shapes and play dough. Use these pasta skeleton activities this summer as a fun, learning activity with your preschoolers!
name activities for writing names in the classroom
Pre-K Name Writing Practice Activities
These name-writing practice activities are perfect for teaching preschoolers to write their names. With a classroom full of preschoolers, it helps if the students can write their own name. One of the favorite activities included is paint bag name writing. You just need a gallon zipper bag, tempura paint, and a Q-tip. Your preschoolers will have fun as they paint their names. Use some of these ideas to work with your preschoolers on writing their names in preparation for pre-k!
the bible verse posters with free printables to help kids learn how to read
Free Printable ABC Bible Verse Posters
Use these free, printable ABC Bible verse posters as a way to teach the alphabet, learn simple Bible verses, or reinforce a Bible lesson. Posters come in black and white, so you can color them, or your preschooler can color them as part of their learning activity. These free printables are a great addition to your next Bible lesson in your Sunday school class, Vacation Bible school, or home Bible lesson. Use this free printable as you teach the Bible to your preschoolers!
Mary Had a Little Lamb Position Words
Teach your Kindergarten and PK students position words with our engaging and interactive resource. From 8 worksheets to 2 center activities and our cut and paste student reader based on the classic nursery rhyme. Mary Had a Little Lamb is perfect for young learners to start learning today.
classroom organizing tips for pre - k
Pre-K Classroom Organizing Tips
Check out these tips and tricks for organizing your preschool classroom. Explore ideas for separating materials, sorting materials, and organizing those materials. Find easy ways to organize art supplies, center supplies, and dramatic play supplies. Great tips are also included for hiding the extra junk you accumulate! These great tips and ideas will help you keep your preschool classroom organized this coming year!
the back to school word cards are displayed on a table
FREE Printable School Word Wall for Writing Centers and Classroom Displays.
FREE Printable School Word Wall for Writing Centers and Classroom Displays.
families theme activities for pre - k with pictures of people in frames and the words family theme
Learning About Families Activities for Pre-K
These fun, hands-on activities about families are a great way to learn about families with your preschoolers this summer. Use these engaging activities to spark discussions about families. Read a book from the booklist, draw a family portrait, take family photos, or create a play dough family. There are lots of great ideas, games, and activities to do with your preschoolers this summer as they learn all about families!
an ocean word cards with the words free printable
Free Printable Ocean Word Cards
This collection of free printable ocean word cards is a great resource for a fun activity this summer. These bright, colorful cards have ocean-themed words and ocean animals. Use the cards to make a picture dictionary, create a poster about the ocean, or practice writing words. As you study about the ocean, take a trip to the ocean, or a trip to the aquarium, use these ocean word cards as a way to include an educational experience in your summer fun!