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a woman with flowers in her hair is surrounded by blue and white paper collages
Emilia Elfe
by Emilia Elfe | #mixed_media ( handmade #collage ). I love how Elfe proves that all art mediums can exist in harmony, hand and hand in one amazing work of art. I love other mediums such as drawing and collaging, so it makes me really happy to see someone who is finding a balance within all of those, the basis of which is a photograph.
an altered piece of fabric with white dots on it
A Paper Bear Art Journal Tumblr
Anca Gray: ‘healing with words’ 11”x14” mixed media on canvas anca gray 2012
an abstract painting with many different colors and shapes, including the eye in the center
smash journals
journal cover | teesha's circus. What sense am I focused on?
two girls dressed up as witches in front of a wall - My Journal Pages
an open book with pictures and papers in it
Pages are made from old books and magazines, brown paper bags, recycled mail envelopes, maps, and other found paper.
an advertisement for a women's day with flowers and writing on it, including a hand holding a pen
30 Day Challenge: November Prompts
30 Day Challenge: November Prompts | Join these free 30 day challenges on Instagram to practice improve your art + lettering skills!
an altered book with butterflies and leaves on it's pages is shown in this image
Art journal ideas
an open notebook with a drawing of a person standing in front of a tree on it
Design Archives
Pep Carrió's sketchbook (2009) Each year, Pep Carrió makes a sort of sketchbook collection of hundreds of illustrations which he creates in his yearly agendas. This way he develops a sort of personal diary that, in many cases have been the base inspiration for the professional work of this designer.
a hand is holding an old book in it's palm
Linda Welch surfaces Artist Book
an open book sitting on top of a table
Hello there: Photo
uhm. yum. Photo: Andrew Montgomery Artist: Amanda Hoskin