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several pieces of art are displayed on the floor in front of a wall with two sculptures
The Girl Of Milk & Blood
The Girl Of Milk & Blood on Behance
two sculptures made out of sticks and other items on the ground next to each other
The Girl Of Milk & Blood
The Girl Of Milk & Blood on Behance
several old typewriters are lined up on the floor
dearbhle gough designs
two beds with blankets on them in a room next to each other and one bed has an iron frame
New York Design Week 2013: the highlights The sculptural weavings of designer/artist Dana Barnes run over twin beds in the servants' quarters of the museum #Wallpaper #Dana Barnes #New York Design Week 2013
a large pile of white blankets on the floor in front of a lamp and window
Dana Barnes
Dana Barnes, a fashion designer, has made these gorgeous, hand braided large scale rugs.
an assortment of electronic components laid out on a gray surface, including a camera and other electronics
Things Organized Neatly
furni clock by todd mcLellan
a small table with a lamp on it next to a chair and potted plant
Sarah Sze’s blooming installations
Sarah Sze, "Duped," 2010, mixed media, stools, wood, Windex, chain, stool, LEDs, extension cord, 191 x 251 x 67"
an art piece is hanging on the wall in front of a glass door with multiple objects attached to it
Sarah Sze, "Seamless"
an art installation consisting of multiple wires and various objects on top of a white floor
sarah sze represents the US at venice art biennale 2013
sarah sze: triple point (planetarium) - US pavilion at the 2013 venice art biennale