Reading Comprehension Activities for upper elementary: Tips, Tricks and Inspiration for teachers! Many of these pins focus on major reading skills like…
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Summarizing Fiction PowerPoint
Writing a summary can be challenging for upper elementary students. Use the "somebody wanted but so then" summarizing strategy to teach this important reading and writing skill. This step-by-step summarizing fiction PowerPoint includes six practice opportunities and lots of summarizing tips.
Character Traits PowerPoint
Use this character traits PowerPoint to teach students how to infer character traits using the clues provided in a text. They will analyze a character's feelings, actions, thoughts, and dialogue within a story in order to infer a character trait. 22 character trait words are featured. This reading PowerPoint consists of twelve practice passages, making it ideal for test prep. It can easily be converted to Google Slides, and it contains both a printable and digital companion handout!
Verbs PowerPoint: Action, Linking, and Helping Verbs
Use this verbs PowerPoint to teach students how to differentiate between action verbs, linking verbs, and helping verbs. Each type of verb is connected to a Field Day event to help students understand how each type of verb is used in a sentence. Many practice exercises are included. It can easily be converted to Google Slides, and it contains both a printable and digital companion handout!
Plot Elements PowerPoint
Introduce your students to plot elements with this student-friendly PowerPoint. It begins by introducing students to each part of a plot diagram: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. It concludes with practice slides and three original fiction passages. After reading each story, students use a plot diagram to identify the five plot elements.
Author's Purpose PowerPoint
Teach your students how to identify the author's purpose for writing with this PowerPoint. This includes the more advanced version of teaching author's purpose... the PIE'ED version with test prep! (persuade, inform, entertain, explain, and describe) The students are taught to go beyond one-word answers. This engaging PowerPoint includes 10 passages and 5 test prep passages with multiple choice questions.