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a painting of a woman floating in the ocean with her hair blowing back and eyes closed
La Maison de Couture de la Cour de Fées
Element Water
a painting of a woman's face with green hair and leaves on her head
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The figure known as the Green Man is a god of vegetation and plant life. He symbolizes the life that is found in the natural plant world, and in the earth itself.
a painting of a man with long hair and beard holding a stick in his hand
In Irish-Celtic myth, Ogma is the god of eloquence and learning. A member of the Tuatha Dé Danann, he may be related to the Gallic god Ogmios.
a painting of a woman with a white shawl sitting on top of a green and yellow frame
Birds of Rhiannon
In Irish and Scottish mythology, the Cailleach is a hag goddess concerned with creation, harvest, the weather and sovereignty. In partnership with the goddess Brigid, she is a seasonal goddess, seen as ruling the autumn and winter months while Brigid rules the spring and summer. § Illustration: Cailleach by Mairin-Taj Caya
a painting of a woman with an owl on her shoulder and the moon in the background
Arianrhod In Celtic Paganism
Arianrhod is a moon goddess and a star goddess. She's said to be the goddess of reincarnation and karma. Pay attention to what I state here because these are areas that she can help you with in your life. She is said to be of beauty and fertility. She has influence over your memories of your past lives so if you want to be able to remember those and want some help with that area, she just may be able to help. She is also said to have influence over general difficulties that life may throw your w
an image of a woman standing in front of a man with his hand out to the sky
Macha - Wikipedia
Macha (Irish pronunciation: [ˈmaxə]) is a goddess of ancient Ireland, associated with war, horses, sovereignty, and the sites of Armagh and Eamhain Mhacha in County Armagh, which are named after her.
The Dagda - Celtic Mythology –The Dagda is a father-figure (he is also known as Ollathair or "All-father") and a protector of the tribe. The Dagda, Celtic Legends, World Mythology, Celtic Warriors, Celtic Heritage, Celtic Culture
The Dagda by Twynsunz on DeviantArt
The Dagda - Celtic Mythology –The Dagda is a father-figure (he is also known as Ollathair or "All-father") and a protector of the tribe.
a woman sitting on top of a horse next to a pirate ship in the ocean
Boudicca, Warrior Queen of Britons. This brave Celtic Chieftess fought the Romans with great courage and success. She has been called the unofficial first Queen of England.
a painting of a woman with long red hair holding a water spout in her hand
The Goddess of the hot springs at Bath, England (the only hot springs in Britain), Sulis's name come from a root meaning "eye" or "gap", referring both to the spring from where half a million gallons of hot water still well up every day, as well as to Her powers as seeress. art by Thalia Took
a painting of jesus with long hair and blue robe on his chest, looking to the left
MANANNAN is the God of the Sea of the Irish Celts. He was considered one of the Tuatha De Danann, or Children of the Goddess Danu, and was the equivalant of the Welsh sea-God Manawyddan.
a drawing of a woman laying on the ground with a deer in it's stomach
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Hester Cox - Sadbh In Irish Mythology Sadhbh was the mother of Oisin by Finn McCool Sadhbh was enchanted to take the form of a doe for refusing the love of Fer Doirich.