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the ampel logo is shown in black and white, with an oval shaped design
Typography: ampersand
ampersand | ampersand design 1 marker and pen on bristol board ampersand
the letter g is made up of black letters
the chinese word is written in black on a gray background with an image of a person falling
Logos in Black vol.1
Logos in Black by Chris Trivizas, via Behance
the word lora is written in black and white letters on a white background with green lettering
Home - Lora
the logo for netmedic is shown in white on a pink background with an image of a cross
20 Logos with Clever Negative Space - Web Design Ledger
negative space
a black hexagonal icon with a star in the center on a white background
Star in Eye
the front cover of tanderm's book, with blue letters on it
Branding for Utah Based Interior Design Studio by Tandem
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the letter m in black and white
Lisa Hedge (Studio)
the letters b and c are drawn in white on a brown background
Création de logo d'entreprise plat minimaliste moderne artisanal
a red book with white letters and a gold letter on the cover that says,
the letter b is made up of four leafed clovers, and has an inverted shape