Best Places to Visit in Europe

The best places to visit in Europe. Find the best spots for city breaks, road trips, and culinary or cultural destinations.
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Explore the Best June Destinations in Europe
Discover ideal June travel spots in the Balkans. Explore Ohrid’s historic sites in North Macedonia, enjoy Kotor’s stunning views in Montenegro, or experience the unique charm of Gjirokastra and Berat in Albania. Visit Sarajevo and Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina for a rich blend of history and culture, or unwind on Croatia’s quieter islands like Vis and Mali Losinj. Enjoy pleasant weather and fewer crowds. Plan your adventure today!
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Where does it snow in December?
It seems like it’s becoming increasingly unlikely to experience a white Christmas in Europe. But if you’re like me, you’ll want to find a place that snows for a cosy holiday abroad. So, where does it snow in December?
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Things to do in Albania in 2022
People often ask me what I like about the country and it’s simple. Its natural beauty, stunning landscapes, Mediterranean weather and welcoming people. Not to mention it’s dirt cheap compared to almost everywhere else in Europe. Even for city-loving people like myself, Albania’s scenery will blow your mind. With massive mountain ranges, pristine lakes and springs and some of the best beaches in southeastern Europe, Albania is an incredible destination that deserves more attention.
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Where to Go in Europe in April: Places to Visit in Spring
While it’s tempting to head to the warmer weather on the Med, I feel like it’s a bit of a wasted trip as the water will be absolutely freezing. So while the crisp, cool air and few tourists would be nice, taking advantage of the beautiful water would be out of the question. Instead, I suggest a city break where the spring flowers are in bloom and life is returning after the winter slumber. But which are the best places to visit in Europe in April?
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Best Digital Nomad Cities
I’ve previously written about the best cities in Europe for digital nomads but now that I’ve been location independent for more than six years, I’ve changed my mind on a few things. My new recommendations are influenced by travel and work style as well as where I’ve had the best experiences.
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Winter Sun Holidays 2022
Many travellers prefer warm, sunny places for their winter holidays. For Europeans, this often means visiting mid or long haul destinations like Dubai, Morocco and Australia. But not everyone has the time or money to travel far for winter holidays in the sun. It’s not particularly sustainable either. It’s more eco-friendly travelling closer to home, taking the train or other public transport where possible.
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11 Cities that Snow: Where to travel this winter
11 cities that snow, some of the best places to travel this winter around Europe. Get travel inspiration, create an itinerary and plan your vacation in Europe for this December or next year.
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50 Best Places to Visit in Europe: Cool Places to Go
As I come across destinations, sites, museums, restaurants or other places I’d like to visit one day, I add them to a dedicated list in Google Maps. I created this travel list specifically for the purpose of planning my trips as it reduces the chance I’ll forget about a place of interest, something I’ve done far too often in the past.
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Europe 21 day Itinerary
Here you will find some tips about Europe 21 Day Itinerary. Its for a people they want to visiting different country's in a very short period of time. Its very useful and makes a trip stress free, and exited.
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Best Cities For Digital Nomads
If you want to be location independent in Europe these are the best cities.
the european road trips driving holidays in 2020 are here and it's time to go
Road Trips for 2022
European road trip itineraries for 2022. With so much going this year, when we can finally travel again, many people are looking to take road trips around Europe. Driving holidays are a great way to avoid crowds and public transport. Taking a no-fly holiday is also better for the environment thanks to the considerably lower emissions with driving over flying. These road trips in Europe should give you some great travel ideas and itineraries for travel.
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Neubau: Vienna's Best District
Neubau is Vienna's 7th district and one of the most eclectic neighbourhoods in Vienna. It's a great area to stay in Vienna as it's full of vibrant streets, hipster cafes, boutique shops and world renowned museums. The post discusses three of the quirkiest things you might come across in Neubau, things you won't see elsewhere in Vienna. Neubau is a safe district with street performers, festivals, farmers markets and lots of things to do.
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Bay of Kotor, Montenegro
Visit the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro and Kotor old town and fortress. Stay in Kotor's beautiful coastal town, situated just inside the peaceful bay. #kotor #montenegro
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The Best Road Trips in Europe
Find the best road trip itineraries in Europe. Plan your trip including routes to take, where to stop and destinations.
the best places to visit in europe
Best Places to Visit in Europe
Rear View Mirror travel blog - the best places to visit in Europe.