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Central Europe. The best places to travel in Europe. There so much to see and do from big cities, the alps, road trips and museums. Visit Central Europe any way…
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the cathedral in germany with text overlay reading central europe bavara germany road trip
Bavaria Road Trip: Munich to Nuremberg
In two weeks you can cover the best of Bavaria in the road trip. Start in Munich then visit mountains, castles, villages and small towns before heading the Nuremberg and finishing back in Munich.
what to see at the famous wroclaw christmas market in prague, czech with text overlay
What to see at the Wroclaw Christmas Market
If you would like to know what to see at the Wroclaw Christmas Market this year, this blog post is a great guide. You can discover the Wroclaw Christmas market dates, learn about the local specialties, historical sights in the city and so much more. Wroclaw in winter is one of the best times to visit the city as there are fewer crowds and potential for a snow covered Christmas Day.
an aerial view of a city with cars parked on the street and buildings in the background
Esztergom Basilica Hungary
If you have a plan to visit Hungary here are some tips about Esztergom Basilica Hungary. It's a very beautiful building, and was build on the top of the hill. From there you have such a panoramic view of the city.
an aerial view of a city with the words things to do in heidelberg
Things To Do In Heidelberg
Here we have some tips about Things To Do In Heidelberg , if you have a plan to Visit Germany. Millions of tourists are visiting every year this beautiful little town. It's rich in culture and history. Also you will find very tasty and beautiful food in restaurants, or beer garden.
an old church with the words seged hungarian on it
Szeged Hungary
City of Szeged in Hungary its one of the most beautiful cities in Hungary. It's rich in culture. architecture, and food. You will find lots of cathedral and synagogues in the city.
a sign that says visit zurch in german
Visit Zurich Switzerland
Here are some tips if you have a plan to visiting Zurich in Switzerland. Visiting Zurich is a great experience, you will see very different things, which you won't see any where-else. It's famous for shops, restaurants, bars.
a white building with three flags in front of it and the words christmas market brasilslava
Christmas Market Bratislava
Christmas Market Bratislava is one of the best Christmas market in Central Europe. It's well-knowing for the variety, and great atmosphere, also don't forget to try the local dishes.
the cover of lublunana christmas markets, with an image of buildings in the background
Ljubljana Christmas Market
Ljubljana Christmas Market is one of the festive outside the big Germany and Austrian Christmas markets. Slovenia has followed their tradition with an intimate market with a focus on sustainability and eco-friendly, plastic-free products. There is delicious food in Ljubljana which you can find at any of the many Christmas markets in Ljubljana this winter, starting from November 2020.
an old building with the words where to stay in budapest
Where To Stay In Budapest
If you have a plan to visiting Budapest and you come to the question where to stay in Budapest. Here we have some tips and option where to stay, you can pick the area which you like the most in this beautiful lovely city.
a yellow and white train traveling down tracks next to a body of water with buildings in the background
City Guide Budapest
Hey guys I would like to share some tips with you about your future guide in lovely city of Budapest. Personally i spend almost 2 years in there this city and in my view is one of top cities in Europe and have a lots of to offer. This Budapest city guide is great.
an image of a statue in front of a building with the words discovery prague on it
Prague Food Tour: Discover Prague in 7 Bites
Food Tour: Discovering Prague in 7 Bites. Czechia isn't known as a food destination which is all the more reason to take a Prague food tour. Discover delicious Czech food and beer or take a self-guided food tour. #prague #czechia #foodtour #czechcuisine #praguefood #foodblogger
an image of a fountain in front of a large building with the words central europe on it
Rear View Mirror - Central Europe
the castle with text overlaying it that says sipis castle, slaviasia
Slovak Paradise and Spis Castle
an aerial view of a christmas market at night
European Christmas Road Trip
8 mini Christmas road trip ideas and itineraries to help you book the best Christmas market tour ever. Start your road trip with a big city, then a smaller Christmas destination and finish with a trip to a winter village escape. #christmasmarkets #christmasineurope #roadtrip #europeanroadtrip #europetravel #wintertravel #decembertravel
people are walking around in front of a christmas market
Christmas Road Trip: Europe in December Travel Ideas
Get out on the road this Christmas with a Christmas road trip itinerary to visit Europe's best Christmas markets. #christmasmarkets #roadtrip