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As Ireland's third largest county, Mayo is extensive in its range of scenery, and breathtaking landscapes, as well as immense in its warm, welcoming hospitality…
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a city street with cars parked on both sides
Swinford, a former market town, is situated on a tributary of the famous River Moy and suffered terribly during the famine.
the beach is littered with seaweed and water
Seaweed Harvesting
Seaweed harvesting was an industry along the Mayo’s coast and on Achill Island.
three cows grazing in a field with a mountain in the background
Achill Farming
Cattle used to be the mainstay of the Achill’s economy, but then, in the 19th century, sheep, easier to breed, became more popular.
an old church in the middle of a cemetery
Mayo Abbey
Mayo Abbey village today gives little indication of its heritage and importance as a major centre in the Celtic - Anglo Saxon Christian world in the seventh and eight century.
a large white house sitting in the middle of a lush green field next to trees
Castlebar is a town steeped in history and has played a major part in some of the most pivotal events in Irish history.
an old stone tower sitting on top of a lush green field next to a body of water
Kildamhnait Castle
Kildamhnait Castle is a classic tower house. It was strategically located as a sentinel over the Sound protecting Achill against attacks from Blacksod Bay to the North and from Clew Bay to the South.
two cows are standing in the grass near a stone wall on a cloudy day with dark clouds overhead
Kilmovee is rich in history and archaeology with many notable features in the immediate area. There are 7 'Caiseals' in Kilmovee, including the largest 'Caiseal' in Connaught.
the beach is covered in rocks and gravel, along with an overcast sky above
Mulranny has a beautiful beach which for many years has been the deserved holder of Blue Flag status. Read about the storm beaches.
a large body of water with mountains in the background and grass on the ground around it
Inagh Valley Around Mayo
Around Mayo: Inagh Valley is one of the most scenic valleys in the West of Ireland. It is a romantic valley which offers breathtaking views of peatlands, mountains, lakes and glorious countryside.
several large rocks sitting on top of a green grass covered field next to some trees
Moytura Conga
Moytura Conga is a mythological site near Cong. According to mythology, this area of stone cairns was the site of a great battle, three thousand years ago.
four sheep with colored hair standing in a field near the ocean and mountains behind them
Industry on Achill Island
A little number of small industries were set up on Achill through the centuries but none of them survived.
the sun is setting over a lake in the middle of mountains and grass, with trees on either side
Superstition in Mayo
In bygone days Irish people were very religious but also very superstitious.
a view of some water and land from a hill
Clew Bay Trail
The Clew Bay Archaeological Trail give visitors the chance to explore thousand-year-old traces of Mayo’s heritage in one day. Learn more here.
an old stone bridge spanning the width of a river with grass and trees around it
Read some historical articles on Newport
two cows are standing in the grass by the ocean
A Tale from Mayo
The tale "Old Animal Charms and Cures” is an extract from the book "Tales from the West of Ireland" by Sean Henry. The folk histories in this book differ from other tales because some of them are based on actual historical events.