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purple flowers in a blue and white vase sitting on the ground next to some plants
an info poster showing different types of plants and how to use them in the house
Cómo sembrar un hueso o semilla de aguacate en maceta - Cocina Vital - Recetas fáciles
Si te llama la atención tener un mini huerto, un jardín con diversas plantas o bien, cultivar tus propias plantas, hacer germinar y crecer semillas, esta es la ocasión perfecta para hacer crecer tu propio árbol de aguacate, solo necesitas su hueso, además, recuerda que las hojas de aguacate son perfectas para agregarlas a algunos platillos.
two white vases filled with purple and yellow flowers sitting on a front door step
a bonsai tree sitting on top of a wooden table next to a white wall
Chorão , muito bonito.
a garden bed with flowers in the middle and a tree behind it that is next to a fence
colorful flowers are growing in the window sill
a potted plant filled with lots of purple and pink flowers sitting on top of a stone floor
purple and white flowers hang from a hanging planter