Hobby, Job and Special Interest Cakes

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a three tiered cake is decorated with road signs and traffic cones on the side
Construction cake -- cake #35
a birthday cake that is shaped like a tractor
Hobby inspired birthday cake #033.
a birthday cake with a police uniform on it
Police inspired birthday cake - Cake #032.
a birthday cake with a star wars character on it
Star Wars BB-8 Birthday cake - Cake # 030.
a star wars themed birthday cake is shown
Star Wars birthday cake - Cake # 028.
a cake shaped like a polaroid camera with the word insta written on it
Instagram cake - Cake # 027.
there is a three layer cake decorated with flowers and leaves on the top of it
Hunting and fishing themed cake - Cake # 027.
a red sports car cake sitting on top of a table
Ferrari cake - Cake # 026.
there is a cake that looks like a sailboat on top of some stacked plates
Sailboat- Cake # 025.
Cowboy hat- Cake # 024. Hats, Cowboy Hat Cake, Hat Cake, Cowboy Hat, Cowboy Hats, Cowboy
Cowboy hat- Cake # 024.
a birthday cake made to look like a drum
Drum record player- Cake # 023.
a bottle of wine sitting in a box with some noodles and grapes on the side
A wine bottle cake! Cake # 022.
a birthday cake with a stethoscope on it and congratulationss to nurses
A stethoscope cake for a new doctor. Cake # 021.