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the french conversation poster is shown in blue and green colors, with instructions for each language
QuickStudy | French Conversation Laminated Study Guide
the flags of different countries are shown in this graphic style, with words and pictures on them
Pays et Nationalités – Voc
a poster with pictures of people in different countries
Lexique- la routine
the word balloon worksheet for kids to practice their handwriting and coloring skills
Colours & Shapes in Arabic - Write & Wipe (Flashcard kit) - WordUnited
an open book with the words in french and english on it, including two different languages
several different types of speech bubbles with the words, key question words and phrases on them
the words in french are written on paper with pictures of eyes and handwrittens
French Body Parts, Learn French Beginner, French Alphabet
Le schéma corporel en maternelle
a poster with different fruits and vegetables on it's front cover, including the words les
Lexique- les aliments (A2)
the french words and their meanings are shown in this printable poster, which includes several different
Les porte-clés leçons
a poster with different types of clouds and suns on it, including the words quetemps fail?
FREE French Weather Poster or Handout