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a toy figure standing on top of a snowboard in front of a white background
*1991 Ski fun Ken doll #7512
two pieces of red and white striped clothing on a yellow plastic package with bubble gums
9003-1975 Ken best buy
9003-1975 Ken best buy
an advertisement for kenn's new fashion avenue featuring a blue shirt and plaid shorts
FA 24279-1999
ken fashion clothes for boys in blue packaging with the image of a man wearing a suit and tie
1986 The Outfits - Something About The Boy
the barbie doll is in its box and it's wearing a tuxedo
*2006 Every girl's dream Ken doll 2 #K8739
two boxed ken dolls are sitting on a shelf
The Now Look Ken
the doll is wearing a blue and white striped sweater, pants, and slippers
1986 The Outfits - Something About The Boy
two baby clothes are in the package
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the barbie doll is wearing white pants and a blue shirt
a toy doll in its packaging on a bed
1989 Ken - My First #4865