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a woman dressed in armor and wearing a helmet
Urraque // 2013 -- photo : Warped Prod -- stylism : Mickey Artworld & Lepinay Frederic & Le Griffon Noir -- Model : Kate Demise
a close up view of a knight's helmet
a man and woman embracing each other in medieval dress with armor around their necks, both dressed in white
Holyveins + Janel
a woman riding on the back of a white horse next to a man in armor
a black and white photo of a man in armor
Joan of Arc, Irina Druchinina
Joan of Arc, Irina Druchinina
a painting of a knight in full armor
black and white photograph of two people dressed in medieval armor, one holding the other's arm
two men in armor sitting on horses with one holding the other's hand and looking at each other
Pemberley Dreams
Metallica, Metal, Dagger, Sword, Rpg