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Game - The Art of Creating Stories: A Cooperative Game By Queralt Armengol and Londji, story cards, story deck, eeboo, story-telling games for kids, creative games for kids, fun family games, drawing games, Toronto, Canada Story Dice, Montessori Parenting, Community Signs, Story Telling, Card Deck, Story Time, Visual Design, Sheet Of Paper, Deck Of Cards
The Art of Creating Stories - Story Cards
Develop logic, story-telling skills, creativity, and more with this story-telling card deck. Beautifully illustrated, these cards can be used to play the game outlined below or just flipped one at a time while everyone takes a turn adding to the story, based on the image that was flipped. How To PlayThree blocks of cards are laid out. One with story cards, the second with the rhythm cards and one with the gender cards. A sheet of paper is also provided to each participant. In turns, we flip over
there is a plate with some food on it and an envelope in the other hand
身近な物や日常風景をモチーフにしたユニークな日本画を描く葛西由香氏の個展「日々とあそび」 - デザインってオモシロイ
an open book with pictures of people and plants
Samuel Burgess-Johnson on Instagram: “@the1975”