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an old woman sitting on a window sill looking out at the snow covered woods
Women Reading
a painting of children sitting at a table in front of a bookcase and window
Magí Puig pintor, descubra su vida y sus obras.
an old window with black and white squares painted on the glass, in front of a wooden wall
Why Artist Lois Dodd, One of Our Keenest Observers of the Everyday World, Has Been Painting Windows for 50 Years | Artnet News
a painting of an archway leading to another building
The Borgo Kitchen
a painting of a table and chairs in front of a large window overlooking the ocean
an oil painting of stairs leading to a building
The View From Inside: Tiny Interiors Paintings by Eleanor Ray
a painting of an open door with a chair in the corner and a light hanging from the ceiling
Winslow Homer (american, 1836 1910)
an oil painting of a window with green and yellow colors
landscapes — Tollef Runquist
a painting of a room with a radiator in the corner and an old window
a painting of a door and window in a room with wood flooring on the walls
EMvisual diseño
an oil painting of a table and chairs in front of a window with trees outside
Chris LibertiLayered Paintings, with Chris Liberti
a painting of a woman sitting at a table in front of a window with two plates on the floor
Windy Poplars Room