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black and white photograph of a woman wearing a tank top with an image of a cow on it
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a woman sitting on a couch holding a guitar and looking at an open book in front of her
phoebe bridgers
phoebe bridgers
phoebe bridgers
a collage of many different women's faces
a woman standing in front of a painting and giving the thumbs up sign with her hand
a person sitting in front of a window at night with the moon shining through it
phoebe bridgers (2015)
a woman is posing on her bed wearing a t - shirt with the image of marilyn monroe
a close up of a person wearing a hat
phoebe bridgers <3
a woman is standing in front of a wall with black and red swirls painted on it
a woman standing in front of a sign that says phoebe bridgers
a woman eating a slice of pizza in front of her face while wearing a beanie
a woman with headphones on playing an electric guitar in a room full of musical instruments
phoebe bridgers