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the text reads best practices for text message marketing get the free download guide on how to use
How to Leverage Text Message Marketing
Text Message Marketing is THE fastest growing way to reach your customers. Get our FREE guide to make the most of your campaigns. #textmessagemarketing #marketingstrategies #businessadvice #marketing #entrepreneur
the words get your legal ducks in a row to increase your productivity learn more
Get your legal ducks in a row to increase your productivity
Not sure what parts of your business you should be systematizing? I’d strongly suggest looking at your contract software and invoice or bookkeeping system and automating them as much as possible. | The Contract Shop | #creativeentrepreneur #smallbusiness #contractsforall #entrepreneurs #legaltipsforcreatives #Honeybook #productivity
a laptop computer with the words how to win your first client with a killer cold email script
How to Win Your First Client with a Killer Cold Email Script
How to Win Your First Client with a Killer Cold Email Script // Miranda Nahmias & Co. Digital #Marketing -- #emailmarketing
a keyboard and mouse with the words 5 things you could be outsourcing in your small business
Five Tasks you Could be Outsourcing in your Small Business — Natalie Weber Hamilton Blog
As small business owners we tend to think we can do it all and take on the role of Jack of all Trades, Master of None (I’m over here raising my hand high, sound like you?). The reality is that no one, no matter how organized can take on all of these roles and do them all well. When done properly outsourcing can free up your time so that you can focus on the creative and visionary work that only you can do in your business. #outsourcing #smallbusinesstips #howtooutsource
a quote that says, this one exercise will help you discovery your life's mission
This ONE Exercise in KBB Will Help You Discover Your Life's Mission - Jenna Kutcher
This ONE exercise will help you discover your life's mission. It’s called 7 Levels Deep, and it gets to the heart of your biggest “why.” It anchors you into the core reason for why you want to do what you want to do.This exercise takes you beyond the surface level… After all, we all want to be successful in our own right and help others along the way. But this pulls back the layers behind your specific, heart-centered life purpose and sincerest mission. Your WHY. Click here to let me guide you!
a woman sitting on a window sill holding a coffee cup with the words tips for making the most of your headshots
Tips for Making the Most of Your Headshots
Tips for making the most of your headshots and why you should get them done! |
a woman wearing a hat with the words, 5 big lies that are holding you back
Why A Money Mindset Matters - Jenna Kutcher
Money doesn’t HAVE to have a negative connotation. Instead of feeling stressed about money, feeling greedy or lacking, you can feel empowered to make money, confident in your worth, and THANKFUL for the money in your life. Tune in as Jenna Kutcher teaches
a white desk with a keyboard and mouse on it, the text reads 5 secrets to grow
5 Secrets to Grow Your Following Freebie
Are you ready to grow your following? Not just any followers but the RIGHT followers? What good is that number under your name if it's not translating in your bank account? Let's start to convert those followers into paying clients. Claim your FREE guide to the 5 secrets to growing your following (and profits!).
the words how to set your rate for freelancers and enterpreneurs
How to Set Your Hourly Freelance Rate - Amy-Lynn writing
Are you ready to set freelance rates that will get you the clients you deserve, stop you from worrying about overhead costs, and set you on the path to success? I've got everything you need right here. | #freelance #freelancing #freelancer #freelancelife #rates #business #tips #advice #career #entrepreneur #businesstips #careeradvice #workfromhome #setrates #bossbabes #solopreneur #writer #blogger #copywriter #copywriting
the words how to have your most productive week, every week are written in black and white
How to Have Your Most Productive Week, Every Week - Vanessa Kynes
5 Tips for having your most productive work days | Vanessa Kynes | Having your most productive week, every week comes down to finding a formula (or a system or a process—whatever you want to call it) that works perfectly for you!! #creativeentrepreneur #productivitytips
the ultimate guide to pricing for profits and pricing & services on an ipad or tablet
Freebie :: Profitable Pricing Guide
Grab this FREE guide to setting your pricing and services for profits. This guide will walk you through your income goals, projecting how much you want (and need) to work with calculations and tips on creating packages and services. Click through for your free download!
a woman with headphones and text that reads, 13 ways you can make money online
13 Ways You Can Make Money Online - Miranda Nahmias & Co.
Want to work from home? Here are 13 ways you can make money online // Miranda Nahmias & Co. Digital #Marketing -- #digitalentrepreneurship #workonline #WAHM
a calculator, pen and paper with the words do i have a hobby or a business? and what does that mean for my taxes?
Do I Have a Hobby or a Business—and What Does That Mean for My Taxes?
In today’s world of side hustles, turning your passion into your job, and marketplaces that allow anyone to make money off anything, the line between a hobby and a business can seem like a fuzzy one. But since hobbies and businesses are treated differently tax-wise, it’s important to understand where your work falls.
the ultimate guide to get the ultimate website launch checklist
The Ultimate Launch Checklist
Are you stressing about your eCommerce website launch? Stress no more, we've got the ultimate launch checklist just for you, and it's FREE! The eCommerce Aholic has over 20 years of experience developing eCommerce websites and we want to share all our tip
a pink background with the words blog how to create the perfect offer for your audience
How to Create the PERFECT Offer for Your Audience - Jenna Kutcher
We’ve all got something to offer. But is that *something* perfect for your audience? Will anyone even want it? It’s important that you’re putting the RIGHT things out there that people will actually buy…If you’re wondering how to create the perfect offer, I’ve got you covered. I’m going to walk you through my EXACT process for determining what to offer next in my business, whether it’s a product in the shop, a freebie, a mastermind, or a new course.