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a woman in a pink bra top taking a selfie with her cell phone while wearing white shorts
When you enter your second trimester, certain exercises are not recommended (or simply impossible to do), such as exercises that require lying on your back or belly. Because of this, I thought I&#8…
a person holding several small pictures in their palm
DIY tiny polaroid magnets.
three different images of scissors being cut into shapes and then placed on top of each other
DIY ideetjes
Heart chain
a framed poster with two fingerprints on it
Kate Henderson Quilts
fingerprint love.
the train is traveling down the tracks at night
Decoração - Christmas Lights - Luisa Accorsi
Bedroom string lights
paper clouds are floating in the air on a blue background with text that reads mobile d'ivvens 3d
Sisters in Zion, Freshaire Designs
cloud mobile
a painting of a woman in a red dress holding an umbrella
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This Andre Kohn, "Red coat" painting reminds me of Pretty Little Liars. #PLL - {contemporary artist figurative woman #impasto oil painting}
a white chair with a pink flower painted on it next to a teddy bear and striped wall
Madigan Made
diy / Simple photo transfer project - a DIY kids furniture update
an old dresser is painted white and has french writing on the drawers, along with a mirror
Graphic Image Tutorial
Learn how to transfer a graphic image onto furniture. Tutorial by Repurposed Gems.
an old fashioned clock is on top of a shelf next to some boxes and other items
Hand-Painted Furniture Hack
Paint the paper!? Then print on the paper? Mind blown!!