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there are many different colored flowers in the vases and one is made out of paper
35 Impossibly Creative Projects You Can Make with Recycled Egg Cartons
Egg Carton Flowers with Baby’s Breath
four empty trays with different shapes and sizes on blue table top next to each other
Egg Carton faces
This is such a fun project and all you need is egg cartons and a bit of glue! I find myself hunting in the shops for egg cartons with interesting shapes just to make these, all egg cartons are not made the same! MATERIALS: Egg cartons, scissors, glue (PVA or hot glue) and paint if you want to decorate your faces. DIREC
four different types of recycling posters with the words reduce, use of something, and recycle do not buy
Reduce Reuse Recycle Examples
Reduce Reuse Recycle Examples - Gordon Ellison
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The making of our giant sea turtle with an eco friendly twist!
there is a tree that has been made out of rocks and stones in the shape of a ball
three colorful items hanging from strings on a blue background with words mini mad things for the craft train
Recycled plastic squid craft - The Craft Train